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Nice to meet you,

Our story, which is a family story, began more than 20 years ago. My dear grandpa who had craftsmanship in his blood invented an “On the spot roasting machine” in his backyard, that’s how he named it.

In the family business back then my grandpa, as you can already understand, was the one who dealt with the machines and production matters, while dad took care of the buying and selling, designing, and growing the business.

They started as nuts and dried fruits factory that sell prepackaged products of such kind to local supermarkets. Later on, the family acquired a well-known chocolate brand factory and started to make chocolate covered nuts and fruits and other snacks as well.

With this variety of products, dad came up with the idea of bringing back the culinary experience of old markets: the colors, the smells and of course the flavors, so he set to design a new concept and we began to open old fashion market-style stores which offered a large selection of nuts, dried fruits, spices, olives, chocolates, candies, coffee, tea, legumes and more in bulk, just like old authentic, but modernized, market.

When this great concept started to role my dad had the vision to bring freshness of “On the spot” dry roasting to the stores, so the costumers could enjoy the smell and best quality & taste of dry roasted nuts and seeds. That was the time when my grandpa “On the spot roasting machine” invention found its place and our costumers enjoyed the freshest dry roasted nuts, no oil added, straight from the oven.

Due to the success, the company was expanded and we decided to open a national chain store of more than 150 branches across the country. Today we are 3rd generation family-owned business and we are proud to bring this great concept to the us. We support us farmers by buying many of the nuts and fruits locally from american growers.

Our motto is: “Eat good feel good” cause we believe that feeling good is what it’s all about. We invite you to enjoy our products in our “Market-style” designed branches or online. No matter what you choose we will make sure you’ll eat good so you can feel good! Take care 🙂